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6th February, 2024 - 09.16: Fire crews from Stratton St Margaret and Swindon were called to a dome...Read more

5th February, 2024 - 5.33pm: A crew from Dorchester were called to Dick O' Th' Banks Road following...Read more

3rd February, 2024 - 10.02pm: Six fire crews attended, from Sherborne (x2), Yeovil (x2), Wincanton a...Read more

Staying safe while cutting costs

When you’re looking to save money, it can be tempting to use things you already own differently, or to buy the cheapest option without a second thought. Here are some areas where cutting costs can put you and your family in danger:

There are a lot of products on sale aimed at helping keep warm, some of which are mains-powered, and some of which use a USB. Only ever buy from a reputable retailer and, where possible, a known manufacturer – counterfeit or cheap, imported items are often made with poor quality components that don’t meet UK safety regulations and could cause injury, electric shocks and even fires. Spending a bit more up front will save you so much more over time.

Similarly, if you need to replace a battery charger for an existing device, it’s safest to buy from the manufacturer. Cheap versions, or a charger not designed for the device, can cause a power surge – and that can start a fire. Follow the links for more specific advice:

Smokers should also resist buying cheap, imported cigarettes as these carry a higher risk of starting a fire – see here for more information.

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