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3rd February, 2024 - 10.02pm: Six fire crews attended, from Sherborne (x2), Yeovil (x2), Wincanton a...Read more

Cooking safely

There are many ways you can save on energy – and therefore save money – while cooking. There’s a lot more detail available online, such as this BBC article, but here’s a few ideas:

Please don’t be tempted to dig out that old chip pan, as they can be really dangerous. A thermostatically controlled deep fat fryer is far safer, as it can’t overheat.

Toasters are more energy efficient than using the grill within your oven, but they can catch fire if not maintained properly. Please follow these top tips:

Air fryers are a great way to cook in an energy-efficient way but, like all appliances, care should be taken to use them safely.

There’s lots more advice on staying safe while cooking at www.dwfire.org.uk/kitchen-safety

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